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What to Expect: Medication Instructions

Please Follow These Instructions
  • Remove gauze before eating, drinking, sleeping, or taking any medications.
  • Make sure you eat before taking any pain or antibiotic medication as it may upset your stomach. We recommend soft foods such as ice cream, yogurt, applesauce, mashed potatoes, etc.
  • Starting immediately after the procedure, take one prescription Motrin/Ibuprofen (600mg) or three over-the-counter Motrin/Ibuprofen (200mg) tablets every six hours.
  • Take Percocet or Vicodin (narcotic) three hours after your Motrin dose. If you feel the Motrin is sufficient for your pain, do not take the narcotic.
  • You should not drive or drink alcohol after taking a narcotic.
  • Take Amoxicillin/Penicillin or Clindamycin as directed on the prescription label. Continue with the antibiotic until prescription is finished.
  • Starting the day after the procedure, gently rinse with Peridex/Perioguard twice a day. Continue for one week after the procedure. If you are an implant patient, gently rinse with Peridex twice a day for a week. Following the first week, use a cotton swab dipped in Peridex to keep the implant site clean.
  • ‚ÄčIf a prescription rinse has not been prescribed by your physician, rinse with warm saltwater after meals to keep the surgical sites clean.

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